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AYTM - GLOBE Flower Pot

Preis ab EUR 47

A very popular design has been renewed andrevamped. The Globe is now available as a flowerpot that goes well inside as outside. The newcombination of shiny brass rings and colorfulmatte Globes are unique and playful. The colorsare good on their own but they are even bettertogether as the color tones match each otherperfectly. The different sizes opt for manydifferent plants that can either stand up from thepot or hang down for a more dramatic effect. Thepots can be used both inside and outside



- For both inside and outdoor use 

- Can be outside all year, even in freezing temperatures.

(Avoid having stagnant water inside,as it might damage the product ) 

Designer AYTM
Material Iron 100% Stainless steel 204 Cu 100%